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Penis Cake Pans

There are 2 sets of choices you have to make when buying a penis cake pan: Size and durability. Here is a short description of the variance in penis cake pans according to size and durability.

The first choice for penis cake pan is, cake or cupcakes? If you want to conveniently serve many people at your bachelorette party or are having a penis cake decorating party, I suggest that you choose cupcakes. If you want to make a statement with a more traditional penis cake, go with a full-sized penis cake pan like the Jumbo Penis Cake Pan from Of course, penis cake pans come in many sizes. Besides the jumbo penis cake pan you can get a mid-sized penis cake pan and a small penis cake pan.

The Jumbo Penis Cake Pan holds a full box of cake mix.
Penis Cake Pan

The Mid-sized Penis Cake Pan holds 3/4 box of cake mix.

The Small Penis Cake Pan holds 1/2 box of cake mix.

The second question you must ask when buying a penis cake pan is, do you want to be able to reuse it or would you like to throw it away? Disposable penis cake pans are cheaper, but if you plan on making any penis cakes in the future it's worth the extra money to invest in a durable penis cake pan.

Disposable Cake Pans save on the mess.
erotic penis cake pan

Durable Cake Pans are a good investment.
Durable Penis Cake Pan