Bachelorette Penis Cakes
Bachelorette Penis Cakes - Pans, Pics & How-To's

How to Decorate a Penis Cake

Now that you have baked your penis cake, you can begin to decorate it. This is where the real fun starts! Here are some creative ideas to get you started in the bachelorette penis cake decorating process:

IDEA: Sprinkles
You can use sprinkles to decorate the (ahem) testicular area of your bachelorette penis cake. Chocolate sprinkles will work well if you are looking for a more "natural" look, but it's always fun to get crazy and use rainbow sprinkles, too. You may even want to get a little more artsy and use penis sprinkles to decorate your penis cake. Crazy!


Dare to try a little penis-on-penis cake action with these sprinkles?

IDEA: Shaved Chocolate
Instead of using sprinkles, try shaving a chocolate bar onto the lower region of your penis cake for a fancier effect. This is for the more advanced DIY bachelorette party host, for sure. Here is my attempt:


If you want a closer view, here you go:

IDEA: Frosting
Use pink frosting for a caucasian penis cake, and chocolate frosting for an African American penis cake!


IDEA: Gel Frosting
Use pink or red gel frosting to add a little glossy detail to your bachelorette penis cake!



Penis Cake Decorations

So, you've made your bachelorette penis cake and now you need to decorate it. Here are a few creative ideas from

Penis Cake Sprinkles
Cute mini candy sprinkles shaped like penises. Cover your penis-shaped cake, cupcakes, or any other bachelorette party treat!

Mini Penis Cake Candles
7 penis cake candles stand tall on your bachelorette penis cake because they are raised on sticks.

And don't can always get creative with other bachelorette party supplies! Read More...